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Author Topic: Guild Prize Ideas  (Read 31227 times)

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Re: Guild Prize Ideas
« Reply #15 on: September 13, 2016, 04:38:09 PM »

guild themed bat and rat forms

zorbi become flying fish, or just pathetic fish flopping around on land for each respective form

I kinda want to see a Fish Form that makes you flop around like the fish in LttP, that'd be great haha.

Guild Houses has been thought about before but at this point is somewhat of a mountainous task.

How so?

Yeah, how so?

I think max is onto something with the whole "guild point auction" thing.  It would be a way for the higher level guilds to quickly and easily expend excess guild points so that they don't just stack up there doing nothing, meaning that they would have to constantly earn guild points every month if they want to keep getting that auction prize, whatever it may be.  I think the NPCs inside of the guild fort are a good idea, but may be exploitable, possibly.  Would need some testing.  Perhaps, though, we can adjust their HP, and in response to that the guild can purchase upgrades for their NPCs via bombs, arrows, extra hp, extra sword, faster movement, etc etc.
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