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Spar Belts


Title defences are best of 3. This is also true with the final tournament round for when the champion is not present to defend.

When a title is won or defended, the statues within the hall of fame are updated:

In the case of the singles and tag team titles, new champions are given 3 days to defend their titles. Upon defending titles however, the remaining time is passed on to the next defence. So if a title were to be defended the day after it was won, the champion would then have 5 days before they have to defend again. The time remaining is shown within the statue signs.

Title holders are given belt weapons within the GC inventory folder. Firing this weapon once will show off the belt, firing it a 2nd time while showing off the belt will set the title guild tag.

Each title win and successful defence is counted within the statistics window:

Game coordinators are able to modify the appearance of statues should a champion request it.


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