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Monthly Spar Qualification


Similarly to the past, qualification spars are commenced between the first 2 players to reach a certain inside location. Due to the absence of basic alternative spar levels, as well as a larger map necessary to disperse them, a limit warp is instead placed at an automatic random location, which warps the first 2 players that reach it to a GC Arena. The locations consist of buildings all over the map, none of which are restricted by quest progress. A message containing the location is sent to the Chat Box whenever a qualification limit warp is created or closed.
The winner is warped to the waiting room, while the loser is warped back to the GC Studios.

The Monthly Spar arenas themself are now located within SuperNicks.

Are GCs still going to do the "first two to pm me get to spar it out"? Or will this completely eliminate that?

We may yet still have a certain number of summon spars, but these must occur after the location spars rather than simultaneous to them.

Sounds neat


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