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hey men and women

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hey ppl:
         i don't think many check this forums, but just wanted to leave some well wishing. hope everybody is doing well, and i'd like to hear back from anybody that played one of the best servers i've ever participated in (except stupid idiot romaiel guy). also special shout out to ffcmike he's a cool dude, but one time he was talking about coffee being "codswallop." idk vvhat that means but i respect the UK and him immensely.

                                                           cheers to all

What about the other million genders?

I still check on here from time to time. Classic was fun. Miss it and everyone. Now I can’t even log on to Graal because I recently got banned for unspecified reasons.

I wish I could play the Trading Card Game with you one more time :(

i miss you all a lot.


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