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what's up friends? hope everyone is doing good!

big hello to my favourite swede, racil!! you alive broj?

sooooo...... tried to log into GTA today. can't say i didn't see that one coming  :'( :'(

is there a client side download so I can play the quests and afk?

ps. do people hang out on graal anymore? are those times extinct?? what server are you all hiding on???

2004 GtA is on Graal Reborn:

An offline pack of Classic from 2000 can be downloaded here as well:

7zip (12MB)


Zip (18MB)

Export the files to a new folder, then run Graal.exe. Proceed with the "One Player" option, then press F1/F2 to load game. There's a file called start.gsave which brings you to the proper start level.

Included is also a file called guide.txt which contains a Quest/Item guide from Gamefaqs.


Unfortunately Graal is owned by Scumbag Stephane Portha.

Hej Noto! I mostly just keep in touch with people over skype, facebook or discord nowdays.
I think some people you know still play iGraal, but I haven’t been on there in ages.


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