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What games do you play other than Graal?
I have a bunch of Steam games, but the ones I primarily play are:

* Hitman Games
* Mount and Blade Warband
* Project Zomboid or Unturned
* Elder Scrolls Games (Oblivion, Morrowwind)And there's a few games that I only really play when I have someone to play them with, but I still enjoy them.

* Garry's Mod
* No More Room in Hell
* Left 4 Dead 2

I played the shit out morrowind for way too long

m&b warband is really cool

I put together a merc army of primarily women and we called ourselves the maneaters and ravaged the desert for years, until finally mellowing out and integrating and serving the sultanate, until betraying them to install arwa the pearled one to the throne, and then once we accomplished that, the world was our oyster and I got bored and stopped playing

gonna get back in eventually

lately I've been playing overwatch, the phantom pain, and monster hunter gen

Besides Graal I play Overwatch pretty much exclusively nowadays.

I did try the Battlefield demo, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I doubt I'll buy it though, as I think once the novelty of a new game wears off I feel like I'll get sick of it pretty quickly.

Oh and I'm playing through FFVI again on an emulator.

I've been flirting with the idea of buying FFXIV, but I find MMORPGs like that pretty intimidating.

I am looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda, Final Fantasy XV, and the Skyrim remaster (on console). Those will likely be the next games I play.

I sometimes play a campaign in Cruasder Kings II, but usually don't get past the 12th century. I play Europa Universalis IV with my brother, but since I don't often play it single player I suck at it.
When I'm working on a dungeon I usually play some of the 2D Zelda games to get inspiration. Have played through Oracle of Ages and Seasons I don't know how many times.



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