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Don't Touch Me, I'm Scared (Event Idea)

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Another event idea. It is still insanely humid outside and I can't sleep.

This is another event that requires scripting, so nothing that can be done right now.

Players enter a maze-like level at random points. The level is dark, but there are several lit torches around the level giving some light. When the GC starts the event a timer would start and:

* The lamp's light starts to dwindle; the light's radius shrinks and the overall light in the level starts to dim as the light from the torches is directly proportional to the status of the lamps. Once a lamp goes out it can be reactivated by a player, but as the event progresses the amount of time the torches stay lit decreases; down to only staying up for a few seconds.
* As the darkness grows, Wall Masters begin to spawn. The darkness of the level is proportional to how frequently they spawn, and the lamp's light radius impacts their movement speed. They can be dodged and killed by a single blow, however if you're picked up by one, it eliminates you from the event. Once the event has reached a certain time limit or only one lamp remains lit, the Wall Masters begin to spawn more rapidly, and no longer lose speed when entering a lit radius.
The main goal of the event would be to survive until a timer hits zero. The players would be safest around the lamps, working in together to fend off the Wall Masters while also keeping the light lit. Having multiple lamps lit will obviously decrease the risk. There would not be teams however, and it would be explained that the number of people who live until the end of the event impacts how many tickets they would receive. In the case that nobody lives, or the torches are completely extinguished at any point, nobody receives tickets.

Again, I'd like to hear your input on how to improve this idea.

That sounds like a lot of fun. 

Would you be able to script it?

Also, why did you not apply for GC?


--- Quote from: Ranger on August 25, 2016, 01:53:31 PM ---That sounds like a lot of fun. 

Would you be able to script it?

Also, why did you not apply for GC?

--- End quote ---
Short answer is no. I haven't scripted a thing Graal related or otherwise is almost 5 years, and even at that time I was an average scripter at best. I wouldn't have the slightest idea where to go, especially now that there are several custom systems in place that override the defaults. I'd need months of practice on a live server, and an explanation on all of said systems to even get started.

As for GC, I did submit an application, but I don't know where I stand with the Management today. I was once one of the most disruptive and outspoken players on the server. I'm sure most would be reluctant to hire someone with my history.

And yet I'm somehow GH Admin as well.  I just didn't see your app in the list of people up for hire.

The problem I see with wall masters is that the ones we use in Volurans are 100% clientside. If you have clientside baddies within events then you won't be able to see them the same as other players are seeing them. If we were to make a serverside version, most of us know that the detection/accuracy can be off.


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