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If there's one thing that is going to drive any significant portion of players away from Classic (other than the hit detection that only morons can't figure out), it'll be the relaxed attitude of GCs.

I'm aware that Classic has always had events that involve player participation and unique ideas. I appreciate and understand the role of a GC, and they're all friendly and social, etc. I've played every day since the server was relaunched and I'm sitting on 331 GC tickets right now, so I've played a lot of events.

Examples of glaring issues I'm noticing:

* Any player that intentionally lags themself, makes it incredibly obvious, yet still remains in the game
* Anyone who plays just to "sabotage" their team, yet is still (for some reason) allowed in a team game by a GC
Just played two CTFs in a row with a player who, on defense, would Tab in front of the entrance to the flag platform (causing them to basically freeze and remain unhittable) and would very, very blatantly "modem tap" in some way or another to run the flag without even being seen. GCs either have to start noticing this or they have to start punishing players who do this more severely.

I don't think anyone can argue that after you've done the quest, all you've got left are events, sparring, and PKing. Spar and PK is practically dead outside of events, so there you go. I've seen this stuff frustrate players firsthand, and it's frustrated me. It's not fun or engaging to sit through a 20-minute event and then end up losing just because someone on the other team knows how to stress the hell out of their upload or pull their ethernet cable out of the port.

I know the Classic community is pretty close-knit and you guys just take some of the communities abnormalities (for example, Skyzer's imbalanced emotions in half of team events) in stride and deal with it, but it's 2012 and players are spread pretty thin. I think that if you guys want to be able to hold on to a good portion of players who want to contribute to the competitive nature of Classic, then people are going to have to stop blatantly cheating and doing stupid things to ruin the enjoyment of others.

Realistically, many of the current GCs were hired by Thor because they were either from the server pre or during UC, and/or because they had previous staff experience. But outside of death, myself and Tats (in addition to Trip and Clel if they ever get on,) I don't think anyone was previously a GC (maybe Dae but i dont recall.)

Likewise, after rarely having enough people to host while UC, we're still getting used to looking for the things that you mentioned. I'm not fond of several of the new folks, but eventually things will come together.

Sidenote: the one score I had early on in the CTF sumo game yesterday where I literally danced around four guys on your team to escape was pretty sexy, if I do say so myself. Grats on winning a damn good game though

How about GCs that don't screw up?

I try to warn the laggers during the game, and as for the still learning who the new trolls are. All in all I agree, we need to try and keep this competitive, but fair at the same time. Especially during CTF, everyone knows that is classics bread and butter (event wise).

I feel I've caught a good few and have dealt with it the right way. Either removing that player or if they stop willingly.  Skyzer everyone is going to make mistakes, like Glad said people are still getting back in the groove of things.  Don't worry we'll all start becoming power controlling dictators soon enough.....(joke)

But for me, sometimes I see something that could be shady, but I also wait to confirm that, I need to see it myself as well, also how many different players are complaining? things like that. Players could also help out, report it promptly, maybe work with the GC and not against them? Don't have a panic attack every time something happens.

We're here to have fun =P we want the playerlist to improve and increase. 


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