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some big news are coming camed.

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General Graal Discussion / Judge my leveling and tell me to give up
« on: September 09, 2016, 04:12:46 PM »
This is kinda old, but I never got any critique on it in the past and I'd like to know how I could improve.

here we go

Events / "Charge"
« on: August 23, 2016, 03:28:08 PM »
This was a sort of Team LMS PK that Delteria and NPulse had, and UN had a variant of.

Players divided into two or more teams, usually randomly but that's not important. Everyone is set to .5 hp, and that's it. The team with the last player left wins. Usually it's played with just swords, but NPCs or throwable objects work too.

With a lot of players this could take some time, but with just a few it goes by quick, so I'd say with bigger groups to just have one round, but that's just my take. First team to three wins sounds decent too, to prevent it just being a quick tix event.

Ranger hosted it today in the allstar spar room, problem is that that is spar only so no NPCs

But fix it

Bugs and Suggestions / event prize suggestions
« on: August 16, 2016, 03:26:31 PM »
if that's allowed, unless you're deadset on just the current ones being all that exist

[4:04:43 PM] ????????: Kia345 (Tue Aug 16 15:43:44 2016):
 Mass message:
 sky, tell thor we need an event prize that just makes a butterfly or bee float around the player, they're cute
[4:04:45 PM] ????????: someone make this canon
[4:05:03 PM] xiaoguard: i can do that
[4:05:14 PM] xiaoguard: i'll gfx it if thor will gani it
[4:05:22 PM] ????????: there's already a fluttering butterfly
[4:05:28 PM] ????????: it shows up occasionally when you slash bushes
[4:05:51 PM] Elliott: that's actually a great gc prize, but only if other players can see it
[4:06:02 PM] ????????: yeah that's what I mean
[4:06:02 PM] Elliott: current code is that only the players see it
[4:06:06 PM] ????????: I think it's too cute to not be a thing
[4:06:12 PM] Elliott: you're so right
[4:06:25 PM] Elliott: post that up in, it'd get more attention there
[4:08:38 PM] xiaoguard: ^^^
[4:08:39 PM] xiaoguard: do it
[4:08:53 PM] Elliott: no seriously, do it

also because the current aura's particle animation is ugly

Bugs and Suggestions / Pot Race
« on: August 15, 2016, 08:23:01 PM »
so pot race glitches nicks

obviously this is because it hides nicks, as they can be distracting on that level. fair

but there's a ton of other ways to block the screen and mess people up, and even if you hide all text, there's still the issue caused by having 10+ identical pots on screen. this slows down the beginning of the game because you have to try to determine which one is you, and then when someone is already long past that, it's hard to catch up

delteria solved this problem in a way that I want to suggest now for classic

they have four identical pot race tracks, all in the same level. plays were divided up into the different tracks. not only would this work to make things less cluttered, but it would also open up the potential for different types of pot race, like teams (or a sort of relay), with each track being a team.

Events / gambling minigame/event
« on: February 12, 2016, 07:39:18 PM »
So this was another idea I had the brief time I was working on UN - the inspiration is Saltybet. Saltybet is a website that uses the fighting game/fighting game engine "Mugen" to let people gamble on matches between AI controlled characters. What makes it interesting is that Mugen is a unique engine that allows for custom made characters - not just appearance, but entirely player made moves and attacks and properties. Thus in Saltybet, unless you've seen the character before, you're betting on a mystery.

How this ties into Graal, is this. An underground "fight club" looking level, meant to look dark, dank, and out of the way. In sewers, perhaps? Here, players would gather to bet on periodic fights between NPC baddies. The baddies would be randomly generated from several templates. Their appearance would be assembled from an assortment of baddy "part" graphics (head, body, arms, weapon appearance, etc). Their attacks would be based on loadouts (sword/shield, archer, bomb, firearrow/dragon, etc). The way they fight would be based on a personality (brave ones would be more likely to try and corner another baddy, cowardly ones would often flee with their back to the other, strategic ones would flee backwards, etc). Occasionally "top tier" baddies would be thrown in, with preset appearance/attacks/AI to represent a player, a major NPC character, or just a gimmicked enemy. I don't know how feasible this would be here, but scripters on UN suggested that this kind of AI vs AI battling was doable.

Anyway, it's nothing that would make an impact on the game now, but maybe in the future something like this could give players something to do independent of questing or hosted events.

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