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Long time no see huh

How is everyone

Been alright, how bout you?  You gonna come back and be GC Admin for us yet?

Apparently on one else wants to be friendly :/

Not bad Ranger, im planning to graduate from college in August. Once that's over I may or may not have a ton of time for things like Graal, still figuring the future out

That's cool.  Congrats on the long haul.  I should be back on classic soon.  Comp caught a virus and i've been too lazy to fix it yet.  Tryin to fix it without wiping but i may have to fold and reinstall windows, which messes up all of the existing registry.  Ugh >.<

Hey guys! I to have been busy with work :P but I try to find time to get on Graal. I will most likely be on late night.


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