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      ROMMIEL VS. VENTRUE      To add a bit of spice to the community, Rommiel and Ventrue have decided to renew their rivalry.
Both guilds are working on building an active roster, with Basi at the helm of Rommiel and Spyke at the helm of Ventrue.
We will be doing guild wars, sparring tournaments, and other competitive activities. Rommiel's Active Roster as of 22/08/2016

* Basi
* Ranger
* Ravster
* Xiaoguard
* Mike J.
* Ria
* Bubbles
* Skitt
* Puppin
Ventrue's Active Roster as of 22/08/2016

* Spyke
* Racil
* Yami
* Skyzer
* Angelus
* Vendetta
* Rose
* RibCribbaIf you want to join Rommiel, get in contact with Basi, Ranger, or Ravster.                    If you want to join Ventrue, get in contact with Spyke.                   

but ppn2 is leader of ramuel

(Ventrue) #1

ramuel ftw!

I'm willing to join whichever wants additional deadweight


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