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--- Quote from: WaFFL3Cake on August 15, 2016, 09:46:47 PM ---The E strategy should be in one of the library books

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Thor, make it happen

From Battlefield Tactics, ch. 3 - E for Effort.

--- Quote ---It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. That it is only when our backs are against the walls do can we truly see what is front of us. To me, that was always another parable. A meaningless allegory that someone long dead a long way away said and got far more appraise than they should have. But serving on the advanced line of infantry's mobile fort division, I finally saw this motto in action.

It was a bleak day from the start. The sky was clouded and black, rain pouring down, forcing us to fight with not just the enemy, but the elements. Mud beneath our boots eliminated any traction, and filth in our eyes kept us from staying focused. Our builders were trying their hardest to erect lines between us and the enemy, but were steadily falling back. All hope seemed lost. But one of the men was darting ahead of the unit, with the ferocity of a mad beast - like a ravaging dog, or a bear, perhaps. Regardless, he in his wake he was leaving strange, pronged fortifications. These fork-like structures served the dual purpose of providing defense in the form of small, easy to build walls, while also using their forks to create a jagged environment for the enemy to navigate. While the rest of our men were being pushed back, he was creating a defense that both protected us, while hindering the foe's advance - all while being a structure small enough to build many in a short time. Before this, I had only ever seen builders creating lines, angles, or if they felt artistic, anatomical shapes.

In the future, I hope to see all of our country's battlefields littered with these Es.
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--- Quote ---I'm going back to building penises
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With an avatar like that you're already halfway there

Here's an example of the beautiful E strategy in action. We won this game.

Was funnier when Puppin was doing it.


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