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For those who are not yet aware, approximately 4 months ago Classic/Graal the Adventure gained approval from both Carlito and Unixmad to eventually become launched on Facebook/Flash, -officially under the name of Graal the Adventure-, and this approval has since been re-iterated to me on multiple occasions.

First I would like to apologise for the delay in providing an explanation as to what exactly is going on. The reason for the delay is simply that I am still yet to receive development access to the flash app, and therefore can not guarantee 100% that this shall go ahead, as I can not be sure how much fixes will be necessary.

Last I heard there is a delay in upgrading the Facebook API to v2, which by pure coincidence of the result of my profession the PHP package for which is something I have recently become familiar with. Although I had taken about one hour to get the hang of it, I am not aware of the extent this requires re-working for Graal and I did find the documentation to be highly fragmented.

Moving forward, my previous thread concerning guild prizes may demonstrate that our current primary development focus is towards bolstering the server's options for in-game transactions. I am however keen to bring some life back to the server throughout its ongoing downtime, and therefore propose the return of scheduled event hosting nights.

When carried out beforehand, our event hosting nights yielded between 12 - 30 players. Although is is fair to say the server no longer has the advantage of hype and freshness, GC Tickets can once again be rewarded in order to obtain prizes, and Graal is now without the dreaded observer mode :fro:. It may also be good to carry out some test runs of the new fort system where successful participants can receive Guild Points.

It would be great if interested players could state their interest.

I didn't have Graal back when this server was in its glory days, so reviving anything excites me. I'm all for guild prizes and hosting nights   ;D


--- Quote from: WaFFL3Cake on June 27, 2015, 08:14:13 AM ---I didn't have Graal back when this server was in its glory days, so reviving anything excites me. I'm all for guild prizes and hosting nights   ;D

--- End quote ---

It's always an odd feeling when the project is referred to as purely a revival, as while it is ofcourse based on the original server we do try to develop features which are cutting-edge relative to other servers.

It really is nothing like it used to be, and it shouldn't be viewed as if it is.  Rather this is just the next iteration of the Classic server, and as such, it should be enjoyed as something new as well.  Thor has made quite a few improvements from the original code, but most of those are behind the scenes scripts that the average player will probably never notice.  Overall though, I think that Thor has done a good job at keeping this server together.  I'm honestly not sure where we'd be without him. 

Hey Thor, is it possible we could do some GC hirings or something?


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