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PK & Spar Ranks Reintroduced


A new system for the Monthly PK & Spar Ranks Classic had pre-wipe has been implemented.

[*]Points are determined by a combination of frequency and kill/death or win/loss ratio. This means that fighting well would give someone a chance of winning over someone who simply fights a lot but not too well.
[*]Kills/wins count the same regardless of the opponent. On pre-wipe's system it was easy for 2 people to fight eachother constantly to amass exponential points. PK's within events are not included, the rank is for pure PKing. Ranks are not handled after 5 repeated kills against the same player without a death.
[*]A list of the current top 20 ranked players can be accessed within the options menu. The ranks are updated hourly.
[*]A player's points and current ranks are displayed within the statistics menu.
[*]The winners of each rank receive a statue within SuperNick's, a belt weapon, and a special guild tag (which sets when firing the belt weapon twice).

It would also be possible to add a rank for Event & Card Game Wins in future.

That's right, number 5 baby!


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