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In March 2011 the Trading Card Game by itself was released. Now that the server is live, the whole Card Collecting aspect has been implemented.

There are many small details and changes compared to the past version, so at the top of my head:

[*]All players receive the same starter deck. This deck has been carefully selected to ensure as much balance as possible among the different directions.
[*]There is the option to play both a Fair and Custom deck battle.
[*]Fair Deck battles are limited to 10 wins against the same opponent per 24 hours. Custom Deck battles are limited to 3 wins against the same opponent per 24 hours.
[*]No stats are exchanged after beating the same opponent more than 3 times in a row, unless 6 hours have passed.
[*]Booster Packs contain 5 cards, and are guaranteed to award cards of certain levels.
[*]Every different card obtainable by booster packs are "printed" a specific number of times, and then deducted from until no cards of the same level are left, where the process repeats. This ensures rarity.
[*]Card Trading is GUI based.
[*]Only cards of the same level can be traded.
[*]Wins and losses of both game modes can be seen within the Statistics menu.

Booster packs are sold at the same Card House just north of the Orphanage/Unstick Me where the Card Game is obtained.

This is how the card levels are arranged for each level booster pack:

Level 1 = 2,1,1,0,0
Total level = 4

Level 2 = 3,2,1,1,0
Total level = 7

Level 3 = 3,3,2,1,1
Total level = 10

Level 4 = 4,3,2,2,2
Total level = 13

Made it so an obtained card can be shown off by clicking one within Album:

A monthly rank for the Card Game has now been implemented, a player's ranks and points can also now be seen within the Statistics menu rather than profiles.
The winner's statue is located within the Card House, a trophy shall be awarded instead of a belt.

Should there be two separate statues for card players who have the most Fair deck wins and Custom deck wins?

Most people probably just play fair deck games right now, but eventually when people get more cards they'll probably play custom games as well. Thus it may be necessary to distinguish between the two.

On a less serious note, I protest any TCG rankings that don't include stats from the start of the release of the card game!

The deck manager UI would look better as a grid, maybe zoomed out for smaller cards. Scrolling through cards in sets of three is a drag.

src., ppn and I whining


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