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Enabling Graal Sounds on 64 Bit


For some unexplained and unacknowledged reason, Graal sound is disabled by default for those on 64 bit OS's.

Fortunately it can be enabled manually. To do this, browse to your Graal folder (if you're not sure where it is, right click your Graal shortcut and click properties, it will be shown here) and open game_config.txt. Locate the line 'tryloadsoundson64bit=false', and change it to 'tryloadsoundson64bit=true'. Save the text file, and then sound should work the next time the client is opened.

The strange thing is I have never seen this fail to work out of several dozen players. Yet for some reason Stefan has ignored the issue on multiple occasions.

i don't have a 64bit OS, therefor this doesn't apply to me, i've never had to do it. and i can get no usefulness out of it =/ bad post. neg repping.

You know the way hardware manufacturers design their products to make you have to perpetually upgrade?
You can't stay 32 bit forever!


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