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Graal the Adventure 2004 is now on Graal Reborn! | Introducing Project GrailWay

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I don't like being tested and you already know what I am going to say. Hi Antago!

It was to the left of map underwater, only the really good graal players ever visit it. You had to swim there and do a lot of quests and answer the most knowledge about graal to be in the halls of legend.

You play classic during this time? It removed now I believe or just hidden very good. You can find a screenshot somewhere. It will show brown tiles, statues, Me in middle, few on left, few on right.

Good bye, and Hello I am LegendsDark(Dark Flame)
You might all know me as Cloud Strife *Final Fantasy* (Dark Flame) or Admin on Graal2001/Friends with Gms on other early servers.
I hanged with TheGreat1TNT, Ssamutz, Stefan Knorr, and many more. 

Any of my old friends on here? If I play with you in any way shape or form, trust me I remember you, you are a Legend.
Could someone please upload a picture of the Halls of Legend under water on Graal Classic? Thanks.  My Hours are 13,666+

Looking to start playing Graal again and seeing who survived the test of time.

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